Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Just thought of another reason why I'm so pissy about the Byrne/fanboy thing.

I expect cool outsider geek types who invent their own society to belong to, you know, to invent a COOLER virtual society. One that includes an appreciation for geek girls. You know, not just make an imaginary world where they're sex gods and they get to punish the A list girls who won't give them the time of day in real life.

For chrissakes. Use your imagination guys. You don't HAVE to conform to the same standards and false dreams that have made YOU an oustider loser your whole life. Create something new.

Yikes. Do I REALLY have to point this out? Hasn't anyone else been to therapy, or is everyone still trapped in that teenage revenge fantasy? "Those jocks'll be SORRY they didn't invite me to the kegger...SNIFF"

I know. This is probably as likely as Leary learning to have 14 minute sex, or at least carrying a vibrator with him so he can warm up his ladies for 13 minutes and THEN have his one minute way with them. You know, like a REAL, responsible adult male who gives a shit about his partner's pleasure. Oh, and USES CONDOMS. On CABLE.

In other words, screamingly evident to the self-actualized tits in the room. And the cool guys.

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