Friday, July 14, 2006

Just Read It

Great post. Amen. Soooo well-written.

I've been trying to say this to my gfriends for years, and it's the number one headtrip women have to get over. You must be willing to kill. It's not just protecting you, it's protecting society. Get over your societal brainwashing and stand up for yourself. If anything, your life is even MORE valuable then men's. You're the biological future of the human race; start acting like it. (If you ever want any tips, just ask. I trained under Special Forces guys who were very protective of me. And they called me Bull Dog because I don't give up. But really, your number one weapon is the decision your life is more valuable. Number two: have three strategies memorized and ready to execute so that there's no thinking needed in the moment of attack. Number three: always run when you can.).

And for my Dr. Who fanatics out there, how did I NOT get a warning that Christopher Ecclesto-however-you-spell-it plays a rapist in 28 Days Later? Christ on a crutch, you guys are worthless. I'm sitting here watching it going, "oh, now it's getting good now that He's shown up, DAMN he looks good with red hair, and in a uniform no less, wow I'm feeling a little turned o-OH MY GOD HE'S A RAPIST TOO!!!!!!"

Thanks a lot. Not only does he LOOK just like a younger, better Ralph Fiennes, but I now have the same conflicted guilt about being attracted to him (I still have cognitive dissonance over thinking ol' Ralph was hot in Schindler's List).

And what's up with Cillian being naked twice, but no Christopher twig and berries? Ahem, Mr. Boyle. Slap some more money down on that casting table, will ya? Gotta equalize this cinematic objectification thing. And now apparently I'm supposed to join some forum and analyze their body parts and how they aren't good enough for me even though they're movie stars.

Feh. F**k equality. Sounds like settling.

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inkdestroyedmybrush said...

OK Lis - you finally pushed my doctor who buttons on this one. CE, as Christopher Eccleston is refered to on the Doctor Who message boards is butt naked in Elizabeth and has, indeed, a nice ass which I recall you can see in two sex scenes. Take a look. BEsides, its a kick ass film that should be watched again and again.

Second, as a huge fan of Doctor Who, I cannot possibly explain how happy I was when it returned in 2005. CE has moments in that first season taht rival any of the previous high points of the other doctors: His speech to Rose in the first episode about feeling the earth spinning in space, his moments recalling the destruction of the Earth in "The End of the World", his telling the Daleks that he's coming to get them at the end of the 12th episode when they've captured Rose. And the two part "Empty Child/Doctor Dances" episodes combine to one of the great stories in the Doctor Who canon going all the way back to 1963. They're that good. The cathartic moment when CE cries, "Just this once, EVERYBODY LIVES!" To a man who pushed the button that killed not only all the Daleks but his own people, this is a singular moment of catharsis for a character over 1000 years old, a character that may not have made another year if something good didn't happen to him.

CE had a gravitas that, unfortunately, his successor, David Tennant, doesn't have. Tom Baker had those dark moments where you were really scared for the choices that the Doctor had to make, and CE had that as well. Tennant simply doesn't do that dark side nearly as well, and comes off more like the disliked Sylvester McCoy when he's trying to be dark than Tom Baker. Tennant is more like Partick Throughton in his approach, which is not bad, but simply not to my taste. Tennant has had some nice scripts, and I'll continue to download the series off of Bit Torrent to see it, but a bit of the magic is gone.

Try watching CE in Shallow GRave will ya?