Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'll never understand this kind of thing

Niiiice. And this example isn't even that bad. I just happened to run across it this morning while searching for a Devil Wears Prada pic, and now I'm pisssssssed.

Thank god the media keeps encouraging young women to prostitute themselves to fat, bald readers while having record-low self-esteem. Otherwise these virgin geeks wouldn't have any pix of gorgeous gals to evaluate on whether they're worthy to dunk their doughnuts into. As if any of these men have anything worthy to barter for two minutes with one of these goddesses. They'd have their eyes scratched out for trying.

And of course, to add to the disappointment, comic legend John Byrne is hosting this BS. Makes me want to go tear up my original art of his.

Just...don't act so freaking self-entitled when you're offering nothing to women or the world, okay? Man. Nothing worse than a bitchy fanboy who thinks ripping others apart makes him someone. I can't stand that type of person.

And Byrne encouraging it...I swear, the more I've met the creators of comics, the less interest I've had in reading any of it.

For the first time since I was 8, I haven't been to the comic store in three months. And I live on the same block as one of the biggest stores in town.

The whole thing is making me nauseous. Where are the men who value and love women? I used to think I saw it in the comics themselves, but the more I meet the men behind them, the more I think it was the emperor's new clothes. Not that there aren't some cool guys, but the industry and fanbase...

Makes my evil twin think of starting a forum ripping up guys' penis size. And wallet size. And beer bellies and lack of hair and ten-year old jeans. And terrible spelling and lack of imagination. And tell young women how to take them for all they're worth and leave them with blue balls. Effers. The crazy thing is, men are so used to being gods in the media, their fragile self-esteems would crumble if they were treated with 1/10th of the venom women receive to keep them docile.


Funny. Makes me think of something my friend said (the producer from Dr. Phil). That she knows 1,000 men in LA writing a screenplay, and 100,000 women kicking ass and changing the world.

I don't know. Nerd Prom is next week and I've never been less enthused to go. I just don't know if I can take watching the fanboys ogling the women walking around in catsuits. Somebody needs to make a Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back movie from women's point of view. Somebody who doesn't mind being burned at the stake for pointing out the truth. Any volunteers?


MIM said...

At this time, I would like to extend my sincere heartfelt apologies on behalf of my gender.

BTW -- Midnight showing of "Clerks" at the Rialto in Pasadena on July 29, for any Kevin Smith fans.


Kid Sis said...

Hey, did you hear he's speaking at the arclight comiccon weekend? If you're not in San Diego (r u?), it's a good geek alternative.


MIM said...

^^^I thought that was on the 21st, and that the Con was this weekend? Hmmm...

Sadly, no, not going to the Con this year. CC and I are going to see Phantom at The Venetian in Vegas.

The things we do for love -- she's seen Phantom over 30 times, I've seen it over 12, mostly with her.

My primary consolation (other than getting a decent rate for a room at The Tropicana) is dinner at Emeril Lagasse's New orleans fish House.

If you've never been, BY ALL MEANS get the banana cream pie with cinnamon/ graham cracker/ crushed banana crust, caramel sauce and chocolate shavings. We're talking manna from heaven with fresh whipped cream on a chilled plate.


Kid Sis said...


Okay, and I've received the COOLEST email from a comic industry friend - male - ranting about Byrne and keeping him away from his daughters...and of COURSE it was emailed to me instead of shared with all of you.


Trust me, it was good.

And he's right, this page of Byrne's isn't even the bad one. I think part of why it's really set me off is 'cuz, well, Byrne was formative in forming my personal mythology. I began reading him and integrating his belief system into mine when I was 8 reading the Avengers. So goddammit, that's scary.

And the second reason being, really, my friend is right that there are slim pickins out there for the 30-40somethings reading comics, and pretty much none of them have an intelligent take on women. Guys, it's time to let another smart woman into the clubhouse. Devin be everywhere at once, and I don't think she even brings your statistic up to 1%. You need another vagina.

chad said...

I was wondering if you were going to be there this year. I heard that your brother was going to be there. I will actually be there for the first time so if you go I will make it a point to say hello.