Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hitler Cats

Worth a look.


The Scribe said...

Thank you for bringing this important blog, "Cats That Look like Hitler," to my attention!!
By the way, I wanted to say 'hi' because I am an aspiring screenwriter. Live on the East Coast and have had an agent in L.A. and have my stuffed shopped all over town. No sales yet, however! I will keep reading you!

Kid Sis said...

Hi sweetie! Fingers crossed. Hang in there; it's just a tough recession right now, like every other business sector.

I'm surprised you didn't post under the Hero video, given your awesome post today about dogs :)

And I will continue to bring you up to the minute, important breaking news like, er, Hitler Cats.

Lynda said...

LOL. He does, poor kitty.

shrinking indigo said...


I always thought my Princess was an anomaly.

Of course I went through two dozen cats on that site, and they were all black and white, and my Kitler is quite colorful.

I'm so gonna submit her.