Friday, July 28, 2006

Kid Sis Grown Up

I have a soft spot for underdogs.

So I've not been displeased to see warranted attention for Ashley Simpson's video INVISIBLE, selling quite well over at iTunes.

Great song. Great video.

Little girl finally coming into her own. I'm keen on her as an artist for finally being truthful.

Good on you, Ashley.

Local radio station talking about the transpose of the Hot Simpson Sister conjectured now that the lifetime dynamic has switched, expect Jessica to blimp up like Kirstie Alley.


Not a bad anlaysis of the human psyche.


She's still NOT pretty in person, only from manipulated camera angles, and she still has that cypher personality.

Still invisible on the inside.

This tape was captured only a month ago...

What we really have here is not a case of Celebrity Actualization, but FANTASTIC MANAGEMENT.

Good on you, Ashley's savvy team of Ari Golds.


Brian said...

She is indeed teh awesome:

(I had to type in "yvreendf" to submit this comment. I've challenged myself to work that word into conversation this weekend. Wish me luck.)

Kid Sis said...

Oi. Good luck.

Lynne said...

How about:

"I am yvreendf life.

It might take a minute, but it works, especially if you use a real real heavy cowboy accent.

now try yknnn, which is what I had to type in

ronnie said...

Lynn, your suggestion is most awesome and I will also try to use it in conversation this week.

Any suggestions for qrrfnwf?

And incidentally, we send you Wayne Gretzky, Mike Myers and Leslie Neilson and you send us drunken teenagers pitching tantrums in the Bloor Street McDonald's at 1:30 am? ;)

ronnie said...

Oh, how rude of me, Lynn. Try:

"I love family reunions. It's great to spend time with yknnn."

Heavy Southern-US accent optional but recommended.


Lynda said...

I haven't listen much to either simspon gal. Just haven't been interested.

Oh, and since we are sharing, my word verification is qjgwglh.

Lynne said...

whoa, Lynda, that's a toughie

Lynne said...


Yeah, I luvmmkynn.

Meg said...

I'd love to comment, but my xnegckt is out of alignment and I find it hard to type.