Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Whedon Speaks

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"...It’s rumoured that Whedon’s looking to bring the character of Spike (played by James Marsters on Buffy and Angel) back for a telemovie, and he’s happy to validate that. “I’m talking in reference to that…..and possibly more”, he smiles. “I can only teasingly hint unfortunately until it’s got backing and we’ve got a schedule and a contract. I have been talking to some of the actors, writers, and some executives and are trying to put something together - - but it’s not happening fast. [But no] I haven’t left the Buffyverse behind”.

Meantime, Whedon is writing and directing a feature film version of "Wonder Woman", which might shoot in Australia. “We’re looking for Paradise Cove somewhere other than L.A”, he says. “Still, I have to write it first – and then they have to decide whether they like it enough to make it.”

Whedon says he was a little reluctant to sign onto "Wonder Woman" at first, but quickly realised the character was essentially “The Grandma of every character I’ve ever written”.

I would be much more comfortable with this if he'd immediately gone into directing X3. As it stands, with WW not even written yet? Yikes!!!! Go buy a dozen ticket so that he gets a chance to direct again! As my new friend Dallas said the other night, "Firefly" is a tiny niche within a niche within genre fans.


nicholasjcoleman said...

I'm hoping Firefly does well. I used to do Morena's (Inara) makeup sometimes when she was at Julliard (yup, I do hair and makeup). She's really a sweet person, and I was disappointed for her when the show got cancelled.

Brookelina said...


Anonymous said...

Everybody's aware that james Marsters is actually over the age of 40, right?

Just thought I'd throw that out there...


Bill Cunningham said...

Uh, geek out time here:

It's Paradise ISLAND not Cove.


Anonymous said...

Paradise Cove? Sounds like one of those Skinemax series.