Thursday, September 01, 2005

Chrome Pole of Death - Day 4

I'm feeling much better - I'm not dead yet! Okay, so it must have been a minor wrist sprain that just REALLY hurt. You'll be happy to know I took a few spins on the pole today using only my right arm (they had just taught us those variations) I'm back on the horse! I'll go back to class next week, and tell them no on the upside down crap. New definition of limp wrist.

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moses said...

I can only tell you, if you're anything like me when it comes to injuries, to treat yourself with love and respect. Cause I'm now nursing a pulled calf muscle that feels like it's been encased in concrete because I ignored the first day of pain and thought to myself the next day, "shit, it'll be fine. I can go run a few miles on this." The muscle didn't take kindly to my idiocy and I'm walkin' funny today.

No sympathy please. It'll teach me a lesson. Although I've been saying that through various pulls and sprains my whole life.