Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Two great articles: Richard Roeper, of all people, with a summary of quotes. And The Washington Post steps up to bat with "Was Kanye West Right?"

No Snowball yet.


Anonymous said...

Great link to the quotes Yizzie! Thanks for finding this one. Hi from Az.

Anonymous said...

I am sickened.

Politics aside, I am absolutely sickened by the resposne of the government.

For those interested, read this week's Newsweek analysis. EVERYBODY gets nailed.

(D) New Orleans officials for not issuing an evacuation order until a day after other cities started clearing out, and for not preparing communications systems to deal with ANY serious crisis.

(D) State officials for not authorizing federal control of the national guard without hemming and hawing for days, and not even preparing enough to even know what to ask for.

(R) The President for not ordering military relief response until days later, federal officials for not properly staffing and equipping FEMA to deal with rescue and relief, and lawmakers and appointees of all levels being so oblivious to the people they serve.

I am sickened, disgusted by this perversion of all the potential of our government -- all the strength and compassion and brilliance that our public institutions CAN mustercan do -- twisted into a horribly inept and cruelly negligent steward of the public trust.

Forgive my political crack here, folks, but when did it become a BAD idea for our leaders to actually be the smartest and most caring persons in the room?




Meg said...

I'm so, so glad you have continued to post about this. It's only been two weeks, but it's dropped off the radar for a lot of people...

Sorry I've been an infrequent poster as of late - I'm still reading! The move has consumed every spare moment of my existence...ah well, two more days!