Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Snowball Posted by Picasa


Kid Sis said...

That could totally be Hero. He would have stood outside the bus entrance barking, trying to follow Mom until the last minute.

Kid Sis said...

"Sometimes rationality and reason and common sense simply has to respect and bow before the heart. And that is what little Snowball is. Because if this one little dog can be found, alive and healthy, and returned to his little boy then there is the hope to all the others out there...the many others out there just like us, too numb to cry, that maybe, just maybe theirs will be the next miracle. And that will be what they need to go on. Sus "

"Billie Sue and Jean have made the decision to limit Snowballs found reward to $2000. Any amount over we would like to give to Snowballs family to enable them to possibly rent a house so that Snowball can be reunited with his/her human family again.

If Snowball is not located then all the people who have contributed will have the option of having the contribution refunded or given to an Animal Rescue organization."

-Billie Sue Bruce. $500 founder http://www.savejustone.com/

"I had nightmares last night after reading about a tiny white Bichon being torn from a little boy's arms because it was not allowed to get on a rescue bus. This dog may end up in a shelter, rescue group, or found by an individual. If this dog can be returned to the little boy and confirmed, I will pay $500 reward." -Billie Sue Bruce

Jean Jones $500 founder http://www.Puppymillrescue.com