Monday, September 05, 2005


Wasn't thrilled with the season finales of Comeback or Entourage. It's always disappointing when you have strong seasons and an "eh" ending. Lost springs to mind. And Dead Zone and The 4400.

Polar opposite? Nip/Tuck. Again, highly recommend renting season 2 DVDs in time for its season premier. Don't need to see season 1 first.

Okay, we're sick in this household, but also very upset by the images pets left behind in New Orleans. Thank you Pet for your good work.


Anonymous said...

"Okay, we're sick in this household, but also very upset by the images pets left behind in New Orleans."

Yes, very sad. The "haves" (and "have-mores") have certain privileges that the "have-nots" do not. Do you think the rescuers would have refused to take President Bush's dog? Highly hypothetical I know, but there's no way "Barney" would have been left tied to the interstate, with an unopened can of dogfood sitting beside him.


Anonymous said...

Petfinder is a marvel. In anticipation of getting a dog this fall, I keep clicking over to it... which is silly, because I keep seeing all these dogs I want to adopt, and I'm not ready yet.

Glad to hear they are providing such a much-needed service in the Gulf.


Patrick said...

Hi Elizabeth,

First off, please wish your mom my best as always. Brian's post on her blog says her health has taken another difficult turn. She deserves some stability in that area.

I find Entourage a very interesting show, but not emotionally involving enough that I would consider picking it up on DVD, which is how I gauge the quality of what I watch. As far as the Comeback is concerned, I find myself wanting to see more about Laura Silverman's character, Jane and find Mickey quite engaging. However, watching the show was a cringe inducing trainwreck. All of the actors deserve something of a much higher quality. No DVD's for that one either. I'm curious to know what about Nip/Tuck engages you? I've watched a few episodes rerun and found it so shallow that I've removed it from my netflix list. I don't meant the statement above as a slam to you. I'm just guessing we have different tastes.

Oh, and I've been watching the first season of Once and Again on DVD. Your picture DOES somewhat resemble the very talented Marin Hinkle who plays Judy. Just thought I'd let you know. Bye for now.

Kid Sis said...

Oh good. Salad, I'm glad that didn't come off wrong. See, I was upset about the human suffering too, and animal suffering is the owner suffering PLUS a poor creature that you can't explain things to "We love you but..." Just like the dying babies and toddlers.

The whole thing just breaks my heart.

Hey Dallas. It really is amazing. Congrats on the soon-to-be adoption. May I suggest that Pomeranians are marvelously loyal?

Patrick, thanks. Mom's health is indeed upsetting right now, particularly tonight. I just can't blog about it right now. But thank you.

I agree with your points about Entourage and The Comeback. I think Entourage gets a lot of praise because it's one of the few short sitcom hybrids left. There's almost nothing for comedy writers to spec in this town anymore, other than Arrested Development and that Charlie Sheen show. I'm sure there's a flood of Office specs hitting agents as we speak.

Nip/Tuck is a soap opera, so I'm sure it wasn't satisyfing to see a couple episodes out of order. It would be like coming into Lost, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Battlestar Galactica in the middle. There's that much of an arc to the characters' growth and the season Big Bad, to use Buffy terminology. But it's also as rewarding as those shows. Serious chatter here in LA about the season 2 finale. One of the most respected shows, and one of the most frequently spec-ked by aspiring screenwriters, according to my connections.

Once and Again was sweet, especially the first year. I'm glad you're watching that! And thanks! Did you catch him on the 4400 or her on House? Love seeing them work again.

Anonymous said...

It seems there are others out there who share your concern, as there's a website that just went up that is offering a reward for the return of "Snowball."


Anonymous said...

(Yes, I'm wasting time cruising the net this morning ...)

I also found this article ... Castro seems to have better plans for evacuating both people and pets in an emergency than Bush does.

Castro had a plan, Bush played golf


Anonymous said...

Can I ask an unrelated question, NP?

How much did it cost you to move your stuff from your hometown to LA, and which moving company did you go with? (Maybe you'd want to email me.)

I'm looking at an estimate here for delivery by the 20th and I just don't know if it's right on the money or too much...


Brookelina said...

I actually liked the ending of Lost. Though a little more info would have been nice. I can't wait for the premiere!

Kid Sis said...

Salad, thanks for the heads up. I posted them for everyone else to see in case they don't check comments.

Brooke, after living through the disappointment of X-files and Twin Peaks, I was pretty bummed Lost made the same mistakes. At least give us one answer, you know?

Melody said...

I was satisfied with Entourage's ending -- I gotta thang for E -- and The Comeback's ending was solid. We finally got a bit of a payoff for slogging through Val's train wreck of a life, and maybe a hint of things to come if it gets renewed -- a more meaty role for Jane, maybe?

Kid Sis said...

Yeah, they were just okay for me. I'd place both the finales in the bottom two of the season's episodes, which I think is always sort of an "eh" note to end on. Program your duds in the middle like everyone else!

IMHO, I felt both episodes didn't give me any surprises at all. They took the most obvious route and phoned it in. Just my opinion. Both repeated emotional beats they'd already played better in other episodes.

But I'm glad they worked for you. I wish everyone happy viewing experiences!