Monday, September 26, 2005

I'm Over It

The freak out, as it were. Big Bro called me up yesterday and straightened me out. Good speech about stress being 97% things that haven't happened yet that we're worried about. It's funny, what sent me into the tailspin was really seeing the estate lawyer last week and BRAINSTORMING about all the things that could go wrong very soon...which was appropriate to the meeting. But nobody told me to stop thinking about those things afterwards. So I kept going until I ended up in a little heap on the couch. Good lord. Like Brian says, think about one hour at a time.

Had a great dinner last night with my friend Sharri and brainstormed about projects. Her good friend is a WA, so I'm going to get to meet her and get some advice. Jamming. Pretty sore from the workout today, which is great. Because I've got five days left to grow some biceps. And I signed up for S Factor Level 4 - I'm an advanced girl now. New teacher Barbara D. isn't dicking around anymore. No more excuses, I'm going upside down again this week. Whimsical sequel to cartoon of me falling on head to follow. Darnit, if Kevin James can do it...


American Knight said...

Keep that head up! We got yo' back girl.

Anonymous said...

Fight on, kid sis, fight on.

Non-spam note -- if you need any help with legal stuff, let me know and I'll come a-runnin. If I can't figure it out for you, I know someone who can.


PS -- Last week's BSG: HOLY FRACK.


Shan'Chelle said...

I totally feel where you are coming from. It is really hard to stop worrying once you start but it is good that you have your bro's support to straighten you out. Stay strong!

Christina said...

Good luck on the pole there lady. I'm not that brave. Seriously, you know I'm not. I'd be like, "do I get a few hot spotters? Or what?"