Monday, September 12, 2005

Backyard Landscaping

Here's pix of the backyard we had done in time for Mom's B-day party. Won't show you the before pictures. Visualize dead grass and dog poo.

I had an amazing weekend, but there's no time to get lost in the blogging sphere right now...too much homework to do!

But I most highly recommend Hollywood Forever's Saturday screening series (thank you Heidi for organizing!). Annie Hall was fabulous with a cemetary full of buzzed, happy movielovers. I could feel the dead stars smiling at being remembered in such an eccentric, beautiful way! Definitely going back for The Shining.

No word on Snowball. Just a bunch of false alarms the press won't retract. I'm as positive as the next wingnut, but with a huge reward unclaimed...I'm fearing our little zeitgeist is on that puppy farm in the sky.

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Anonymous said...

OMG. Someone beat me to the sci-fi meets theology genre!

From "Query Letters I Love":

Query - 'Adventures in Space'

'Can God survive in the vastness of Outer Space?'

A woman and her group of College kids attempt to spread the words of Jesus throughout the galaxy. Will they find romance and love aboard their huge Missionary Vessel? Will their young faith in God survive Alien encounters? My script is filled with unusual twists and turns. Anything that can happen will happen. That is the true nature of the Universe.