Friday, September 23, 2005

Do Something

Ah, my old friends action/activism. Nothing beats the pants off despair and depression and overwhelm like helping others. Yes, this is a mass email, but I just called and got unlike the bogus gas information of last week, this works:

I just spent five seconds to be counted in the governor's office tally of support for gay marriage. So quick, and hopefully it will sway him to sign the bill which has passed California's congress so we can marry legally!

California is so close to the passage of the same-sex marriage bill. All we need now is the Governor's signature. Though he's threatened to veto it, he HASN'T YET. We need to tell him that the people of California are for legalized same-sex marriage. It only takes a few seconds - AND - you do not need to speak to anyone. It's all PROMPTS - no live person!

Call 916-445-2841 and follow these steps:

1 - Press "2" - to comment on legislation

2 - Press "1" to comment on AB 849 (AB 849 is the gender neutral bill, which will allow same sex couples to marry)

3 - Press "1" to support it

That's all there is to it! Thanks for taking the time. Please forward on to family and friends who might lend their support!!


David Anaxagoras said...


Kid Sis said...

Thanks, Dave. I feel better.

Christina said...

(insert voice from Samantha from Bewitched) Well!?
(insert voice of Sanatra)
I did it my way....
Thanks for the info sis.

MoDigli said...

I hope this isn't a totally dumb question --- but --

Is this only for people who live in California? Or will they accept calls from, say, Ohio?

Kid Sis said...

Mo, that occurred to me, too. I mean, it seems like it has to be CA constituents and that SOMEHOW the wrong area codes would be disqualified...but gee I'd love to have you try just in case our legendary CA government made a mistake...Do you have free long distance on the weekend? Let us know how it goes!!!

Kid Sis said...

It also occurred to me...could I vote from my cell phones, office phone, pay phone, home phone, uh...go into OTHER people's homes and call...not that i would do any of that, it just OCCURRED to me, Big Brother.