Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh Mickey

I don't know, man. There's still a lot of old-school Hollywood wives voting their hubby's Oscar ballots. I'm not sure the Academy is really ready for dog-lovin' and a**-f****ng in their good will worldtour beamed out to a billion people tomorrow night. In fact, no, I'm going to go out on a limb and call it against popular opinion: they'll name best actor Frank Langella. Stately, proper, US representative Frank Langella. Because it's always political, baby.

But this flies just fine at the Spirit Awards:

UPDATE: God damn I'm good, baby. I could just smell that. Been studying the industry too many years to think he wasn't squandering his goodwill with the dating the daughter, Bai Ling, fag comments, and weird dog focus. Poor Mickey. Well, he's in good company now with poor Lauren Bacall and Saving Private Ryan. It's really a bad thing to think you're a frontrunner for that's never in the bag, and there's a history of academy voters turning at the last minute.

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Hugo Fuchs said...

Not that our polls matter, but we have Mickey Rourke as the winner.