Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fashion steals

Everyone's tight on money and tight on wasitbands these days from stress-eating. But there are a few cheap items out there that are timeless pieces that always look good, and can make you feel great without bankrupting you.

Pencil skirts look good on anyone of any size. You can buy them in the most forgiving of fabrics: black triacetate or dark denim, for work and play.

Peplum jackets are always flattering and can be mixed and matched with anything in your wardrobe for work or dates.

A wedge heel is surprisingly comfortable to walk in, doesn't take the skill level of a stilleto, and is incredibly sexy day or night.

Here's a red patent from Payless Shoes for $25:

Here are two other cute choices.

My new favorite shirt. Fairly affordable at $48, incredibly stylish, and hides your PMS pooch.

A cute necklace can add a pop of color for $15.

And don't forget an empire shirt or dress is also flattering on everyone.

My favorite trouser pants are very flattering for women with hips, and are a surprising faux jean texture that can pass at work or play.

Hope some of this helps you feel like a Queen!

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changapeluda said...

Oooh La la!

all of a sudden i wanna get
all Empire Waisted!