Sunday, February 15, 2009

MEME: 10 Films to judge a suitor by

In honor of Filmthreat's list, what are the top ten movies you judge a suitor or good friend by? You know, like if they don't LOVE this film, you kinda think...mmmnnn we don't have so much in common.

TAG! You're all it.

And I'M going to practice being mysterious. Suck on that.


Hugo Fuchs said...

We already know one of yours ... you've mentioned it a number of times; Though I still haven't come across a copy yet.

I posted my list here.

changapeluda said...

The Wizard of Oz

because if they think i'm childish and theater geeky for loving it so much then they can suck my dick

Andrew Ironwood said...

My listie is over here...

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

almost famous
invasion of the body snatchers (1955)
notting hill
kikis delivery service
the third man
high fidelity
... and one to be determined...

Kid Sis said...

One to be determined? Which ones are you vacillating between?