Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Because my friend rocks

Look at this encouraging email I got about a dream my gfriend had about us. Supporting me even in her subconcious!

Oh, we were in some restaurant in LA, like Spago's, (which I've actually never been to) and they had this system: rich/famous people were seated at tables and having a grand time and then "regular" people could walk on a designated path that wove around the tables and gaze at them, always being sure not to make eye contact and never to speak unless spoken to. You and I were on this path, weaving about, and rich/famous people were summoning you all the time to come over and chat, and it was this weird situation where they were nice and friendly and seemed to adore you and yet we were on this stupid path and not sitting at the table...
Plenty of psychological interpretation available there, right? But I always remember that in Psych 10, my professor told us all these theories about dreams and then ended with "and then another theory says that it's just housecleaning for the brain and doesn't have significance at all." So, it is whatever you want it to be!

Well, whatever it means, I feel loved and appreciated. Good timing!

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