Monday, February 02, 2009

NOOOOO not Christian Bale!!!! Aw man...another diva...

Fuck. Well, here it is, the recording of Christian Bale losing his shit on a DP.

I swear, I'd JUST rewatched AMERICAN PSYCHO thinking "huh, you know he actually IS kinda attractive..."

UPDATE: Right, right, I totally forgot about that whole beat his mother and sister police charge. Wow. Yeah. Okay, nevermind. Ixnay on the elschactorway.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Oh yes, the remix is brilliant. My roommate called dibs on it for her wedding dance song. Drat.


David Turner said...

I like the way that Bale keeps the American accent going - no doubt "to stay in the scene" -before descending back into the Welsh. Always a professional. And a wanker.

Jeremy Jed Hammel said...

Reason Number 4,763,576 why I am glad that I am not trying to get into a business that allows behavior like that...a shame, but a reality.