Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Final season of The Shield beginning next week!

HBO is free 9/5/-9/8 in LA Time Warner land, and they're doing an Entourage marathon so I don't have to rent season 4.

Why doesn't Emily Watson get hired more?

I'm now Reviewer #597 at Netflix; read my reviews!

I haven't had a parking ticket since February!

I recommend Verging Writer's blog.

Our composer is done with new music for The Commune and we're entering Sundance and Slamdance this week!

Brea Grant is a bad-ass who shaved her head as a teen. My hero!

Remember my complaints about getting ripped off at restaurants? Today a clerk chased me down at my car to give me back $2.

Pretty cool.


Raquel said...

Yeah! Things are looking up. The world does not entirely suck!

Michael said...

Go for it. Good luck on the festivals!