Tuesday, August 05, 2008

One more silver lining

I met Allison Anders last weekend, and she was excited about THE COMMUNE and PISTOLERAS. She knows my amazing composer Danny B. Harvey and wants to work with him. So we were telling her about my films he's scored.

Pretty cool to have one of the indy heroes I studied fifteen years ago say "Ohhhh you're good" just after hearing the titles.

Yeah. That was freaking cool. Be even cooler if she sees THE COMMUNE.

That's the thing about LA. Sure, there are a lot of poseurs here. And the most soul-consuming thing can be avoiding the aholes preying on artists for money. But overlooking the suits and MBAs and unstable prom queens and lottery ticketers...

You can tell when you meet a real artist who wants to create.

We all tend to recognize each other with friendly nods and smiles, and be open and exhuberant and share our toys and invite each other to play. So even when I worry about money, worry about my friends, worry about artists and art surviving in this world for the betterment of society...

There are amazing spontaneous moments in LA where you just get to enjoy the sheer joy of thinking and creating and growing with the world's finest artists.

Hard to give that up. Nothing means more. What wouldn't I sacrifice to feel that spark of life inside me? I kind of get how some women long to be pregnant because I feel that way all the time about art, music, writing, talking, sharing, listening.


Marty Nozz said...

I'm so jealous. Out here there only a couple of other folks doing webcomics, and frankly their not really the kinda folks that are fun to hang out with and share ideas with.

Fortunately we have comic cons to fill that void.

Kid Sis said...

Good for you! See, great way to fill the comraderie void.

I think hanging with and/or watching other people create is key to creating yourself. Even if it's just studying live performances on DVDs.

It's all about ideas.

Marty Nozz said...

Definitely, that why my partner Chris and I make an effort to get together at least once a month. We'd do it more if not for our schedules. You always end up with this pumped up need to create afterwards.

Comic cons end up being a rush. You see what the 'big dogs' are up to and end up with a burning need to throw down your best into the arena. No really about wanting to keep up, or any kind of jealousy, but wanting your own work out on display.