Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Job safari

I'm hunting the perfect job. Please keep your ear to the ground!

I'm open to part/full-time, remote/onsite.
My ideal match is a smart, progressive company like Netflix.

project management & leadership, blogging, writing, screenwriting, editing, researching, New Media, Web 2.0, light programming/photoshop/website design, understand technology, encyclopedic knowledge of film.

- MA in Media Studies from New School University
- BA in Women's Studies from UCLA
- Graduate Certificate in Screenwriting from UCLA
- NYU's Educational Theatre (MA degree begun, on leave of absence).

-Designed and programmed a multimedia CD series estimated to generate 400 million dollars. During the project I coordinated with multiple corporate departments and worked closely with the Vice President.
- Produced and directed a six-figure feature film, managing over thirty employees onset and by remote.
- Associate producer on a feature film that won an Independent Spirit Award.
- Award-winning screenwriter.
- Also I have this blog you might have heard of...

Creative thinking, curiousity, patience, tenacity, enthusiasm, connecting, hosting, making people feel comfortable, inspiring, wit, joy, expressing, predicting, noticing detail, passion for learning and adapting.

- Myers-Briggs say I'm an ENFP.
- My sign is Cancer.
- Don't like walks on the beach (fallen arches, porcelain skin).
- According to THE TIPPING POINT, I'm a "Connector."
- I'm passionate about empowerment, Netflix, Tivo, the interweb, and mayonnaise.

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