Tuesday, August 12, 2008

USA High

I had this crazy only-in-Hollywood experience twelve years ago of being cast as a regular extra on USA HIGH, a Saturday morning kids' show by the man who made SAVED BY THE BELL. A "Regular Extra" means I had a guaranteed gig for two years cast as a high school student on the show. As it was supposed to be a boarding school for Americans in Paris, they wanted the verisimilitude of the classmates in the background being the same for the duration of the show. Many of us were eventually given lines and recurring characters, the holy grail of extra work. Gunther on FRIENDS started the same way.

Most of us cast were in the 20-28 age range and spent an enormous amount of time together at the Sunset Gower Studios. In a weird way, it was like going to high school again.

Through the miracle of Facebook and Myspace, some of us started reaching out to each other. And the extraordinary Jodi Novick ended up engineering a ten year class reunion for us last night...replete with blown up mounted snap shots, reunion photo cake, goody bags, and margaritas.

It was stunning to see everyone. I swear we look the same or better! What an amazing, cool event! Here are a few photos. If I get a hold of some of the old ones, I might post them, too.

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Raquel said...

Your hair is so pretty! Awesome pics.