Monday, August 04, 2008

Awww man

Here's another crappy lovestory, courtesy of my gfriend Chrissie's friend Matt. And condolences to Jenn Oberle who has lost a friend, and Jaye who lost...well let him tell you. Beautifully.

Oh, life.

Don't know why I'm sharing these tales today, except hey man, life is pain and being there for each other. If you don't have anybody who'll stand up to you and stand for you and be a real friend instead of an enabler, what the hell are you going to do when the sh*t really hits the fan?

Could be worse for me I guess. TV just said 1 in 5 has herpes.*

See? Worse things than moving and a future sleeping on friend's couches and avoiding a lawsuit I can't talk about and more unexpected/full-time work on THE COMMUNE for free and dating in LA and damn stress-related health issues and getting screwed on Ebay and having Best Buy lose 4 months of laptop backup including my taxes right when the IRS wants them and not even giving me a damn store coupon as recompense....and all of the above preventing Prague.

You heard me. No Prague. Duh, considering I was supposed to be there four days ago... URGH!!!!!


Bring it on, fuckers! AIYIYIIIIIIIIYIYIYIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!! (Xena yell. More of a strained gurgle. But I'm tryin' here.)

Positive, Pollyanna. Be Positive.

* No judgement. For me at this moment, that would just be the straw, man. Me = Camel.

Oh, and if you're a friend who has recently said something to me AGAIN about "I just can't imagine what you do aaaaaall day long" like I'm some dilettante, you're lucky my hand's not wearing you like you're Kermit the Frog.

However, if you're the straight married male friend who sent me this email, thanks for the needed laugh: "What?! i can't believe that you're not putting out any more. men suck. at least LA men suck."

Still not a man-hater. But single southern California men will definitely be sucking themselves.

Not that I ever did that in singleton land, mind ya. Just can't resist wordplay. Dateplay, on the other hand? I is celibate. Until I is we.

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