Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Angelenos! LACMA & Another Gay Sequel!

Gorgeous Japanese art at LACMA. Who wants to go?

Support Indie/Queer/My Friend Cinema! (multi-task)

Bingo tonight at Hamburger Mary's to toot the opening of sweetie Jonah Blechman's AAAAMazing reviews!!

“Blechman …seems to be channeling Joan Crawford in full histrionic mode”-Dennis Harvey, Variety

"… scene-stealing powerhouse Jonah Blechman, who plays the insanely hysterical Nico, is as terrific and hilarious a comedic actor as any Jim Carey or Mike Myers!"

"Standouts include...most notably Jonah Blechman (Nico), who kept the audience in tears…"

LA Screenings begin Friday!
Leammle’s Sunset 5 - Daily
1:45pm, 4:20pm, 7:10pm*, 9:45pm
*Cast Q&A this Fri. and Sat. ONLY

Good lord, what a lucky girl I am, working with talented artists before they explode. I cast him in my Divas Inc reading two years ago!
Jonah Blechman as Yvonne, Trevor Murphy as Diva, Troy Conrad as Kenny, Chauntal Lewis as Raquel

Wish you'd been there; they knocked it out of the park!

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