Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yes, we're staunch characters

My Christmas?

Stockings with Brenda and Kate and the doggies. Cinnabuns and Veuve. Kate left for MARLEY AND ME.

Watching BAD SANTA with Litigous Friend and Brenda. Roaring fire and beautiful candles. Loads of appetizers with Alex and Liza. They left to see EL TORINO.

Showing Gregg THE COMMUNE (soooo merry).

Prime rib dinner with everyone back. Delicious.

And then watching GREY GARDENS.

3 Catholics, 2 Jews, 2 ex-Catholics who still love Christmas hymns. And the only one who made it to midnight mass was the Jew, trying to rally us all to go downtown to the big Cathedral next year. "Because they only sang two Christmas carols at mass. What a rip-off. That's just wrong."

Nope. Not eccentric at all.

What a fun freaking day. Mellow and filled with laughter.

"Raccoons and cats become a little bit boring. I mean for too long a time."

By the way, if I start wearing a turban and dancing to the tunes in my head, you have permission to put me away.


Josh said...

Not El Torino (easily confused with the Mexican restaurant chain El Torito) but GRAN Torino.

This distinction is important because a few taggers have been defacing the billboards so they read "Granpa Torino."

Glad you had a nice Xmas, LF.

Kid Sis said...


Kid Sis said...

Oh, and Happy Chaka Khan, Josh!