Thursday, December 25, 2008

Too much joy?

Every year, my sister and I do stockings for the dogs because, well, that's the kind of stupid shit women without kids start doing.

The thing is, Hero and Stat are pretty smart...large they actually know "Christmas" and "stocking". They get all nutted up over it. They know which stockings are theirs, and we unwrap a toy at time with them foaming at the mouths, running off with it, then running back for more unwrapping. It's pretty cute, really.

But Hero is kind of a shithead. Actually, he's a total asshole.

I know, I know...heresy. The cutest, most loving dog in the world...isn't a sharer on the playground. At all. He's a spoiled little brat. He'll give you all the adoring looks and licks and snuggles you could ask for, but god dammit don't you get too close to his sparkly new rawhide, bitch. He'll launch all 9 pounds of his body weight at you, growling like a rabied Ewok.

Let this be a reminder to all of you about what we all learned in kindergarten and forgot: greed is bad. M'kay?

Possessions turn even the most loving of us into Gollum. It ain't precious.

So in these harsh economic times, don't sweat it if you didn't receive a new car with a bow on it, couldn't provide the shiniest gadget to your family, or don't love your healthy functioning body exactly as it is...just give the loved ones near you a cuddle, a phone call to the ones who are far, and a thank you to the universe for being alive this cozy day.

All we need is love.

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