Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tiny Green Houses

Was just sent this article by Mr. Cunningham.

Seriously, this tiny little dream is mine. Get an adorable house in the middle of nowhere with my man. Write and watch movies and make money doing a little webwork and snuggle and have sex to my heart's content, and journey a few times a year to LA for meetings. Make a movie every two years or so and just fly to the location. So doable.


Hugo Fuchs said...

Yeah, that's the dream. I personally prefer a straw-bale house with radiant floor heat or tile-stove(s). Some solar Panels to run the computers/LED lighting and heat the water. Maybe a Lister Generator as backup. Totally off the grid. Hmm.. Sattelite phone & internet would be necessary if away from 'civilization'. Toss in a well, a cistern, and either a septic system or, more likely, a composting toilet.

Not that I've put alot of thought into that or anything...

Hugo Fuchs said...

Oh, Forgot to code in:
Straw-bale house Plans.