Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Male sexuality: I feel confusion

About who exactly Scott Caan IS, and why 31 people at Defamer think his penis is so great.

Ah, Defamer. I can always count on them for my dose of accidental full frontal.

Oh...and Marvel? Re: WOLVERINE?

Je t'aime.

Butched-up Jackman, Fucking Liev, AND Gambit?

You've wet the panties of screaming women and jizzed-in-my-pants gays around the world.

Thanks for years of quality spank material.


Hugo Fuchs said...

I'm trying to understand the impressive part. Is it because of their celebrity status? I mean, those looked average to me. Or is it that in reality, most men in California actually have a tiny penis? Isn't this just as pathetic as those crotch shots of Paris Hilton or Britney Spears?

I mean, if you need wanking material, there's some new movie sites that I'd recommend for their diversity of content.

Kid Sis said...

You seem to be mixing up the two points to my post. Reread!


Hugo Fuchs said...

My mistake, If I were female or gay, Wolvie would do it for me. But that is a good trailer. I wonder how far hollywood is going to insert a 'love interest' into what is basically a boy's adventure story.

still, here's an image or two, that I hope finds it's way into the film, just for you.

Neil Sarver said...

Maybe somehow they all know that he's a "grower" and are anticipating the potential greatness to come.

I give people's imaginations a lot of credit, I know.

And Jackman as Wolvie gets me pretty jizzy and I'm not even gay.

I'd prefer people not give my imagination nearly the same credit in this situation, though.