Monday, December 22, 2008

New photo

Things are going well on Match. Several great guys.

But still, must keep forging on so as not to get attached to any one...and that means keeping photos updated.

So I'm going to post this one, and all I can say that girlfriend in college who told me I looked like a domestic cat, and I got all crabby with you? YOU WERE RIGHT. I'm sorry.


Oh, and to that boy in highschool who thought I looked like the Joker?

Why so serious?

See, I'm ALL the Batman villains in one. What a bargain.

Now here's the tricky one where I need your help. Since I'm not a man, yet I have access to so many men's opinions on this blog, thought I'd let you pick. Which girl would you go steady with?

Great smile, can't see my eyes.

Great eyes, tense, forced smile

Looks like I want to swallow your canary.

Meh. Don't need any help finding THOSE guys. Let's cross out #3.

Wish I could meld the first two in Photoshop, but that's just too weird even for me. So which is it? 1 or 2?


Neil Sarver said...

I vote #1.

You're right about the eyes looking great in #2, but there's also a weird bleachy cheek effect the light creates. Not so I probably still wouldn't surely respond to the ad, mind you, but you asked.

Kid Sis said...

The bleachy cheek effect...something new for women everywhere to worry about. After age and cellulite, of course.

Neil Sarver said...

Among my many talents is indeed phrasing things in way that comes across badly.

Hugo Fuchs said...

It's not your cheeks, it's the lighting you're using. You've shot film, same lighting applies to pictures. The 'bleachy cheeks' is from lighting, make-up and/or digital camera effect.

So does the dark bulb behind you in #3 mean you're fresh out of ideas?

I'd optimally go with a reshoot, but if I had to pick from these, then I'd go with #1.

BTW, you're girl with a pearl earring shot looks fabulous.

Erik M. said...

I cast my vote for #1.

Kid Sis said...

#1 it is. Hey Hugo, which one do you consider the girl with the pearl earring shot?