Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Duuuude...kill the insomnia

Is anyone else just an anxious mess right now, going over everything they've ever done wrong?

What the fuck. I really am having a midlife crisis.

For fuck's sake. If anyone else said the things I say and do to myself daily, I'd slap the supervillain out of them. Fuck.


Josh said...

Like Michael Biehn once said, "Ripley, you're grinding metal. Ease down. Come on, ease down."

To translate from geek, I hope you're not being too hard on yourself.

Hugo Fuchs said...

A better question is:
Does anyone not do this occasionally?

Not that many people will admit it.

But honestly Lis, you've got two movies under your belt (The Commune & Conventioneers) and will probably put Pistoleras down on film in the two or three years. There are people who's put much more time in and have not accomplished half as much.

Right now, with the economy, LOTS of people are having crises. It'll pass and recover in a few years, just like in 1987, 1973, 1957, 1953, 1929, 1918, 1907, 1873, 1857, 1837, 1819, 1807, & 1797.

Marty Nozz said...

Had insomnia myself last night. As such, I laid out the next page for NIGHT LIFE, made a blog post and dealt with the latest in the e-vendetta from the paranoid schizophrenic that considers me his arch nemesis and prays to Thor for me to be smote.

This was before 6 AM.

Let's face it. We are our own worst critics. You've made movies, have blog which people follow and have your own bit of celebrity going on. On top of that, you're fairly damned hot.

And all of these things don't mean squat to the pissed off person in the mirror. She is a hateful little bitch isn't she? Saying all that shit to you like she does? The kind of shit that eats at you even though you know what they're spewing is bullshit.

So, you sulk for a few days. Eat some ice cream. Then you take a deep breath, look that spiteful bitch in the mirror right in the eye, give her the finger letting her know you aren't going to take any more of her shit and go on about your business of being a star.

Kid Sis said...

Thanks, guys. I appreciate you.