Thursday, December 04, 2008

Just not meant to be

Or, file under "God is punishing you".

Or "It's not me it's you?"

Sorry. That's pretty dark. Fies family humor; it had us laughing in the chemo room.


Hugo Fuchs said...

I guess that's one way of avoiding marriage. It's a bit excessive though.

Kid Sis said...

22 and 44? I would have jumped, too.

Hugo Fuchs said...

That's not an unusual age difference in many places in the world. Up until the last century or so, it was common here as well. Basically it took until around his 30's to become established and then would marry a girl who wanted to raise a family in a financially secure environment.

Besides, it's not necessarily an age thing. I've dated older and younger women, and it has never been about their age. Though I have noticed that maturity doesn't really occur in people until they reach their mid to late 20's, if they mentally mature at all that is.

In this guy's case, however, it seems to be one of those situations that God goes: "Hey watch me fuck this guy's life up!"