Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Newsflash: I'm either an official journalist or an official celebrity


I've been used in a satire piece. As a quoted "Hollywood blogger".

Me, the satirist. Satirized.


Wow, that must mean the writer/publishers think I'm enough of a public figure to be covered under the "public figures are fair use for satire" law. That's a whole interesting can of worms...like, is any blogger covered under this law because they've "published" on the public www? Soooo fascinating. Because that leads to "if innocent Grandma Marge posts a myspace blog once, is SHE fair use for satire?" I love it!!! Wow, what a cool discussion. Go for it! And someone out there with more time than me, follow this pony to its logical watering hole...the script writes itself. (Or so those produsahs always say to me. "Kid! It writes itself, or I'm not Bob Evans.")

And I LOVE that fake ad for the Navy says "You've got needs. We've got men." hahahaha.

'fess up. Do I know someone over at Cap News/Crystal Air? Fun stuff; thanks for the laughs! :) I hadn't heard of them before but I try not to procrastinate TOO much by reading everyone else's awesome stuff...and they have a whole site of awesome.

What's REALLY funny is I went through the same thought process most actual celebrities and journalists must feel when reading their name anywhere in print:

"I never spoke to anyone for this article. I hope anyone who knows me gets that wasn't me. I mean, the eff word is right but used in a way I don't, the sentence structure isn't me, I've never thought that thought...

Unless I said it. Is it possible I said it? No way. Too mean-spirited and devoid of wit. Right? Maybe I am that mean sometimes. Shit. But when have I ever cared enough to comment on Britney Spears directly? I mean, I feel bad for her.

hhahaha is this what it feels like to be Jennifer Aniston? Or, more apropos, Britney Spears? Or even worse, Roger Ebert quoted in that new Mummy commercial as saying it's "The best of The Mummy Series" when he's not exactly a fan of The Mummy Series and gave all three movies the same three-star rating? (Poor Rodge. That commercial makes me giggle every time.)

At least they spelled my name right. That guy I thought I was in love with last year couldn't spell my name right.

I'm hungry. What's left to eat? Is it wrong to eat potato chips while watching THE BIGGEST LOSER finale?

There it is. Inside Elisabeth Fies. Not a pretty sight/site in that simultanously busy and cobwebbed brain. ;)

Ohhh and look at that. My Word Verification code is "Sly Move".


Hugo Fuchs said...

Heh, You've become famous now, I hope fortune follows.

Groovy? Groovy?
Is there a time-warp going on?

Let's do the Time Warp again!

Kid Sis said...

I'm seeing Bruce Campbell in person Friday night and am already in Evil Dead mode...

japhy99 said...

It's certain now. You have arrived!