Monday, December 29, 2008

Box office inflation

More fun recession news. Is it just me, or is this like your parents being unhappy with a 4.0 because with AP classes you could have gotten a 4.5? "Try harder..." Come on, theatrical releases are dead. These movies did pretty okay, right? PATCH ADAMS will withstand the test of time, right?

Sorry, guys. News is slow and boring this time of year. I'm boooooooored...

If you're superbored and can't find anything on the net to help you procrastinate, try watching TEQUILA SUNRISE. Great overlooked movie.

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Hugo Fuchs said...

Oh yeah, they said theatrical releases would die because of:
Late 1940's TV
1980's video
2000's internet
It still hasn't proven true.

I created an expanded version of this answer in a post on my blog.