Saturday, October 25, 2008

What fresh new hell is this?


I haven't been able to blog all the lovely posts and pix I've wanted to, because at this point I've had incredibly limited internet access and have spent $50 TODAY ALONE for the privilege of plugging into the Matrix. Sigh.

I'm in Venezia. Got some nice pix. Which is great, because I've discovered that all my other photos from the month have been deleted off my camera. I was trying to upload some to the blog and facebook on my friend's Mac, which has an automatic import/delete function so....yeah. Big tears. I feel veeeeery upset. Sick to my stomach.

There is a tiny chance they are still in the trash can on the computer, but I barely dare hope because I really don't want to mourn it again...Can't tell you how lousy I feel about it. Not having photos of Will's wedding, and everything I've lavished attention a Director, it's just death. Yeah. Okay. Don't want to cry again so I'm going to stop talking about it, and post a few things from the last days of Prague. SIgh.

Oh, and for those of you who are jealous of my journey, just remember: they play bad 80s music here. ALL. THE. TIME.

"Final Countdown", anyone? No? How about with your Malaysian internet clerk singing it loudly and wrongly? Or singing "Kiss Me" to you? Yeah. Like you wish you were me.

Jen chased by the Ghosts of Communism statues

Sebastian: Man With the Plan

Our well-worn Euro shoes: male/female


Hugo Fuchs said...

I did try to warn you that Italy charges extra for everything. That being said, it's not unusual in alot of places. Way back in the early days of computing, it was the same here in the USA.

It sucks about the pictures. It's better to get a wallet that will fit the photo cards, and slip some anti-static film in there, than to deal with copying them in the field. Extra SD memory cards are much cheaper than the loss of photos. You can usually get a deal on the smaller memory sizes, which means if one of them dies, you don't lose your entire trip. I guess I should make a post on that for other travellers.

As for the eighties music, I don't associate music by decade, and there were plenty of songs in the 80's I disliked, but many I liked. Same with all the other decades.

Charlie said...

Darling Lis, Barrett and Anita and I were having brunch and talking about and missing you. So glad you're having such a splendid time! you deserve it, and I am loving your blog posts! Big baci, Charlie

Hugo Fuchs said...

Ah, this would be the other option for safe-guarding pictures a portable photo storage device.