Saturday, October 18, 2008


It appears I might still have them in Prague.

It's harder to tell because the influence of Communism kinda makes Praguers rude inhospitable aholes who won't make eye contact. But I am hearing reports from my gfriend about what happens AFTER I walk by the men.

Though if they're not interested in providing happiness and helpfulness to me in social situations, can't imagine why I'd want to be in a romantic situation with one also not taking care of me.

I shall investigate further and report back.

Or give up and move to Italy.

You really do need to hear a man cry out Si! Si! Si! at the same time as you (Yes, I speak Italian in bed.).

Jesus Godalmighty.

All you have to do is tell a handsome sweet Italian man you're sad, and watch him grab his heart in true pain, and then do everything he can think of to make you happy.

Pretty freaking fantastic. Yum.

Is it possible to have Post Tramautic Sex? I keep having these unexpected flashbacks to tangled limbs in ecstasy...the happy look on his face as he watched me above him and grabbed my hips harder...

I don't want to start moaning on a Czech tram and freak out the grim grey citizens with bad haircuts mere inches away from me, earnestly ignoring my existence...

Do you double dog dare me to yell out "Si! Si! Si! Slap my ass again, grab my hair Mario! Oooohhhhh...?" Or to pole dance on the Metro? I will...

By the way, if the Bratislavians who run Sky Europe have anything to do with it, I'll end up having to go back to Rome to get my damn luggage anyway.

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Hugo Fuchs said...

I thought all the Praguers are trying to be all New Yorker-ish and that's why they're rude and won't make eye contact.