Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shooting fish in a barrel


I am reporting in from a small villa outside of Carmucia and Cartona, Italy.

I had been in Italy for a total of three hours before I was asked out on a date by one of the most gorgeous accomplished men I have ever seen. (and the only reason his two lookyloo friends didnt get to me first is they didnàt speak English). He lived in San Fran for four years working in real estate. Told me his whole life story & resume to get me to go out with him (that is the single most endearing thing a man can do to me...launch into claiming me & closing me by telling me his resume and what life he is offering me). His name is Simone. He will take me out Monday night if I am still here in the Carmucia area.

But most likely I will be in Tuscany on a second date with gorgeous Mustefah. Grin. Doesnt speak a lick of English but he was very sweet when he kissed me.

They are everywhere! I met a third movie-star gorgeous Italian man who told me I have a beautiful smile just running into a countryside deli to buy a bottled water. Beautiful man!!!

This experience is the craziest of my life. Charlie and Anita, remember how I had some weird rockstar vibe in Spain that we couldnt figure out and men were following me around hanging on me? Its happening in Italy too, only the guys are appropriate and sweet and so wanting to please me and asking me out on dates.

I may have died and gone to heaven. LITERALLY around every corner, theres a better looking, interested man. We drive down the streets and they are every where. Ive never seen anything like it. I will never be able to buy into a scarcity model again. Or that I have to settle for someone who isnt attractive. Am I in the Twilight Zone?

Oh geez, and the wedding was amazing. The brides family is Finnish, and I met a lovely gfriend who invited me to come to her home after I go to Prague. Said I should come permanently to Helsinki and teach film, no problem she could get me a job.

So scarcity with men, love, sex, jobs, exists only in Los Angeles, and the second I hit Europe I am valued as a beautiful, smart woman people want around them???!

My god. I AM in heaven. Please dont let me wake up. I am sooooo happy here...


Todd Miro said...

Take advantage of what the universe is offering, soak up the vibes, recharge your batteries and then come back and let's kick some Pisoleras ass!

Hugo Fuchs said...

Didn't I tell you that you'd get plenty of attention there. ;) Please don't compare the rest of the planet to Hollywood. The greater part of people there are suffering from some serious neurosises. Then again, most women are taught to overthink things now, that everything is supposed to have deeper meanings.

Oh yeah, and never fall for someone before you know what their flaw(s) is(are). We all have them. Mine biggest is that I suffer from Borderline Anti-stupidity Personality Disorder. That's probably why I support Darwinism.

Finland would be a wonderful place to teach and live. If you don't mind the winters.

Given the current condition of the US in terms of Government, Corporate, and Average American Stupidity, I wouldn't hold it against you if you stayed away. I've thought about it myself, I've never been able to fit in with the average american. I think it had something to due with my being brought up with courtesy and manners and expecting the same in return. That's more common in Europe than the United States now. I'm not sure though, what country there I'd be most suited to living in; perhaps Switzerland.

Got way off topic. Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself. Hope you got an absentee ballot filled out. Take care, have fun, and keep up the blog.

Grace said...

This is the best blog entry I've ever read -- it's so honest and spontaneous!

You make me want to go to Europe and I'm married.

You come across as sooo happy that it's quite contagious and it does come through quite authentically.

I too would not blame you if you never came back to the states. You know, this is your opportunity -- you're young, unencumbered, free to live this life right now -- DO IT!!!!!

Kid Sis said...

Todd, :)

Hugo, I do mind the winters. But I mind dumb ass americans more, so perhaps I would still be happier there :)

Grace, awwww, thanks! Grin. I think ive just been unappreciated and ignored so long that im in happy shock to be valued.