Saturday, October 04, 2008

Anxiety alert

Is everyone else the nervous wreck that I am? I'm trying to ignore the election hubabaloo, after foolishly believing my fellow citizens couldn't possibly elect Arnold and Bush...Fool me four times, I'm a liberal?

Must. Flee. Country. Go eat Italian sausage and drink cocoa in Prague. I swear, I'm starting to get weird rash itching. I feel too jingle jangle jingly.

Lordy I'm tired of hoping. Hoping things will get better. Believing in people. My guy friend the other night said I was someone who always believed the best in people. But sometimes believing in people makes no difference.

I guess I'm just tired. Maybe this time if I feel we're going to lose, or I don't care, the outcome will be different? Look at me, feeling I make a difference with magical thinking.

I just feel like I need everyone I know to have a real shot at happiness and a good life. Is that so bad?


Hugo Fuchs said...

If you look at the demographics of California, only San Francisco and Los Angeles are predominately democratic. The rest of California is republican, therefore, you have Arnold.

The good new is that I've known who was going to win every time. Though I didn't always vote for them. Obama is supposed to win by a slight margin. It was bigger at one point.

I'm tempted to leave also. Of course, I'm more inclined to crotch punt the entirety of the politicians, the lawyers, CEO's of large multi-national corporations, and the government beauracrats.

We're so far from the good ideas that our original fore-fathers wanted, that I believe that they would've overthrown the modern regime; probably back in the 60's when things got really funked up.

Kid Sis said...


Sorry, I'm sleepy. All I can do is nod furtively back atcha.