Thursday, November 29, 2007

Prowling Sunset

Went to the Kit Cat Club to hear Penelope play her lovely songs (Go to her Myspace page and listen to "Winter's Day"). Ubiquitous Penelope of the Mastercard commercial "Favorite Things", which I'd memorized even before I met her because A) Its theme is startlingly feminist B)She has a lovely presence C)I'd go gay for her. Under the right circumstances. Hey, it has to happen one of these days.

Danny B. Harvey (composer for Pistoleras and The Commune) was brilliant as always, backing her up on roomie James Trussart's famous crazy-ass custom steel guitar. I don't think I ever posted the photos of James's oubliette-esque guitar-making garage or of us all lounging around the living room during a jam, but I think the pix are on my last Myspace album page if you're interested. Heidi's doing a mean air guitar, and Vlad's there, too.

Lovely Lynda Kay of another Danny band Lonesome Spurs was there with the Coffin Purse she designed, talking all about her hubby's new tri-whatever motorcycle with three wheels that's being customized by the old dude who built the Batmobile.

Felt right at home walking into the club, as there were four large photos of Catwoman as played be the real actresses, and well, not by Halle Berry. Club Owner/Stray CatSlim Jim was very cool to me and amused by my Catwoman graduate thesis. He's going to play the drums on Danny's Pistoleras theme for us. Slim Jim wants to host the wrap party, so that's just perfect! Slim Jim's the second member of Danny's band Head Cat, with Lemmy of Motor Head completing the trio.

Afterwards we all hung at Swingers diner where I was pretty much the only person not to order the Jamaican Jerk Chicken other than Brenda. Oh well, next time. And there I got to dish with another Penelope, but one who has known Danny for twenty years. This one does continuity for Family Guy and American Dad, and is going to take me to a table read! Seth McFarlane better look out. My feelings may have waned a little in light of his alleged drinking and tomcat ways, but the heart wants what the heart wants. And me still want to lick the pretty funny man's face. Hot piece of smart-ass.

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