Sunday, November 04, 2007

Jealousy Part Deux

Ohhhhh just finished "The Lookout", written and directed by the writer of two of my other favs: the sublime "Out of Sight" and the ridiculous "Dead Again."


Spot on film. So well-constructed. Tight tight tight. Surprising. Head injury done brilliantly.

Dammit. I mean, great! Good for them! There's room for all of us!

God I want to direct Joseph Gordon-Levitt in something. "Latter Days", "Mysterious Skin", "Brick", now this film? And he studied head injuries for 11 months? Heaven!

"Anytime you read a script that's well-written, it's shocking and glorious because there are few good scripts written. Then I start to notice that not only is it good writing, but the character it's coming out of is a complicated person, which is even more rare in American movies." He was so articulate and amazing in the behind the scenes extra. Really inspiring and compassionate.

What a lovely, talented man. I want to write something good for him.

I wonder if he's single. I wonder if he's straight.

Sorry. I'm really itching to make a movie with someone I'm mutually in love with. Something no-budget but an absolutely artistic heat-seeking nuke, like "Cavite". Love "Cavite."

Hrumph. Probably shouldn't try to love another actor. They're nutty. By Odin's Beard, the last director wasn't much better.

Maybe a producer, or a cameraman. Sound guy?

Can't get the idea out of my mind. My two favorite creatings combined. I want to be in love. I want to make another movie. Heaven, heaven, heaven. When can we start?


Erik M. said...

The Lookout = awesome, one of my favorites of the year. Just watched Out of Sight for the billionth time... Scott Frank, damn him and his excellence.

Kid Sis said...

I know, I know Erik...ditto to infinity!

Never get tired of Out of Sight. Never never never. Makes me want to go watch it now...