Thursday, November 29, 2007


How do I know if a guy is worthy of my womanly thoughts?

a) If he reads my blog
b) If he reads Pistoleras in less than a week of receiving it

Easiest gauge in the world. If a guy isn't interested in my online diary or my freaking award-winning calling card, he ain't interested in

a) Talking with me
b) Working with me

Which happen to be my two favorite things in the world. Next to his favorite thing, which I ain't interested in without forging a connection through the first two first.

He gets a walk to first base if he reads Pistoleras on a plane while saving the world a la Pitt/Jolie. Oh, and a foul ball if he reads it and calls it "kooky" or "exploitation". Really.

So there. Couldn't be simpler to choose who to spend my limited time with.


Bill Cunningham said...

How does a bloke rate if he's read it twice, been to the live reading, and helped shoot promo photos for it?


Kid Sis said...

Whoooooooo baby! Goaaaaal!!!!

Oh, wait...sorry, I hate sports.

And extra points for using the word bloke. Luv gits and blokes.

BC, lunch next week? Got official bidness for you, and I swear, ask Heidi...I was supposed to call you today!