Friday, August 17, 2007

Why I'll always love Roger

Yes, it's because of his ability to distinguish whether a film is good within its genre rather than based on its genre, and because of his feminist viewpoint...but also because of this:

This funeral has Peter Dinklage (as Peter), who is becoming my favorite go-to actor for any movie that needs someone to go to. Like Rosie Perez, Danny De Vito, Queen Latifah or Christopher Walken, he has that ability to make you brighten up and take notice, because with such a person on the screen something interesting is bound to happen. Dinklage can look handsome in that menacing way that suggests he's about to dine out on your fondest hopes and dreams. - excerpt from Death at a Funeral review

I always learn something about humanity when I read his reviews. Sadly, often more than I would from viewing the films themselves.

Stick around the planet, Mr. Ebert. With mom gone, you're the one I want to show the films I make.

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