Sunday, August 12, 2007

Love note to a stranger

To whomever found my site after googling "Success stories of winning your girlfriend back":

Go find her. Please. Get her back.

If there's one thing I learned by caretaking for Mom those years...

Life is so short. People make the stupidest excuses to protect their hearts. Nothing is more important than love. Nothing. Nothing can't be done for love.

Someone you feel affinity for...that ease and connection...that hardly ever happens in a lifetime.

It's the only thing that makes life worth living. Fight for it.

There's AMAZING coaching out there to help men and women understand each other and build powerful relationships.

Commit to working on your relationship, and go get your woman. Make her your wife.



Lynda said...

What if the girlfriend dumped the searcher?

Kid Sis said...

Then he needs to listen to the reason. Everything I'm learning from dating experts says it's almost always about a lack of connection/understanding of how to take the relationship to the next level of intimacy. If he knocks out a few of those CDs, he'll be able to have the relationship he wants.

ecogrrl said...

Sorry for the long silence, dear. Things have been a little haywire lately. When would be a good time to call?