Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My Queen, my wife, my love

J'adore 300. J'adore.

That relationship, the love between the king and the queen, so ultimate desire.

The orgy of beautiful men's bodies. The inimitable Frank Miller. Hand to hand combat. Strategy. Comic book framing.

And not to be underestimated, the fetishizing of men's bodies, at last. So it won't be done for the first time in Pistoleras...but still, what will be new is that our heroines will be in baggy sweatshirts as they usurp the male gaze.

Why didn't I see 300 in Imax? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Wow. Don't remember any training like that on Power Rangers.

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Lynda said...

I haven't seen 300, but I heard it was really good.