Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sh*t Goddamn

You know, I just bought the big second season of Twin Peaks in June. No word of this super duper collection coming five months later.

I hate the DVD industry. This is just crap. Now I have to try to sell my other Twin Peaks DVDs, and buy this one?

I mean it's my favorite anything of all time, but COME ON! I have a busy life here people. I don't have time to get dicked around by this consumer game. I'll just rip the DVDs for free, aholes.


Lynda said...

Does the new one have something you need that the old one doesn't? Because I find that I only really end up watching the episodes.

Kid Sis said...

Yes, the new one has everything good and pure and wrong about/around/inside Twin Peaks, even Kyle's legendary appearance on SNL. My video tape of SNL is 16 years old and bulkier than this whole box set. I'd pay $65 to see a clear copy just of it, with Mike Meyers dressed up as the dancing dwarf.

Ah Twin Peaks. Nothing in life has ever made me happier.

You know, my first naughty act of freedom as an 18 year old was to drive up to Snowqualamie with my boyfriend to see all things Twin Peaks. I was such a brave teenager, and we felt like such ho bags booking the big suite at Snowqualamie Falls lodge. Sigh.