Monday, August 20, 2007

There is no spoon

The Beastie Boys were effing awesome tonight at the Greek! If you're in LA, get your butt to the Wiltern Tuesday night and buy a scalped ticket. So worth it, even without them playing all their hits. I do love going to concerts alone. You meet the coolest people to dance with. For a very sweaty hour and a half.

I'm down two pant sizes now in 20 days, firmed up my breasts but not lost a smidge of cupsize. Impossible? There is no spoon.

LA buddies: I'm planning another pirate CD exchange party and an 80s dance night for Labor Day week-ish. Email me. And does anyone west coast swing? I've got a hankering. I've got a date elsewhere, but David Lynch is available again this week to you...Barnes and Noble at the Grove Tuesday night; wristbands at 5:30 pm. My fascination with Lynch is well-documented here. You really must meet him.

So here's the single most important book you could ever read in your entire life:
The 4 Hour Work week.

The 4 Hour Work-week is the exact lifestyle I'm designing right now. Less work, less things, more happiness. World travel unlike anything Americans experience, though personally I'd be thrilled with hot ballooning in Croatia, theatre in Prague, looooong gourmet meals and laughing with friends while they play the guitar under a Buenos Aires sunset.

Utter freedom and no itinerary forever. Adventure. Experience.

I double dog dare you. If you have kids, I triple dog dare you. "Your horizons must be widened."

(Is it wrong that I've seen "Becoming Jane" enough that I can mimic James McAvoy? I've finally realized I don't want him, I want to be him. Oh my gods, what a fantastic insight...somebody good give me a blurb that says "Elisabeth Fies is the female James McAvoy" so that I can CONFOUND industry folk...Loooove!)

By the way, has anyone had any insight yet as to which orifice I stuffed my Rome Season 2 DVDs into? Because they're due back at Blockbuster, and I've looked everywhere thrice. Including my ass and the freezer.

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