Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Happiness diet

Okay, I've tried to explain this biochemistry weirdness to my male friends before and they never believe that women can do everything right with diet and exercise and still not change their bodies. But it's absolute when I'm stressed and in mourning, and for a lot of you caretakers out there this will ring true.

Now that I'm happy and don't give a fig about my weight, I'm losing it. No diet, no exercise, but I'm five pounds down and an entire size since last week. It's both a "yea!" and a "harumph". I'm a big believer in energy and chakras, so it's probably more about me being happy enough again to operate out of my normal state of excitement and joy and openess about life. Regardless, things are working and I need some weight off just to be able to captain a film shoot, so I'm going to ride this train and diet and do Pilates so I can be another ten pounds of grief down by September. I just hope I don't lose too much too quickly, because I'd like to still be a "real woman" size to play my character in this film. It's really important to me to get on camera that earthy and curvy can be totally sexy, before I lose my double Ds and sucumb to the Hollywood twig mentality to be able to sell the film this winter in meetings.

I also joined a high calibre matchmaking group. I highly recommend it. I'm not entirely sure why I'm doing this now when I'm so busy, because when I joined Match while Mom was sick I was completely overwhelmed by men. But I have to learn how to date properly somehow so that I don't pick someone by default and I get a better feel for men romantically in general. I always liked being Marion Dashwood and liked that I only let maybe one great guy have a shot a year, but that hasn't worked for me now, has it? So it's time to grow and let go of who I was. Time to learn to be authentic and in integrity with men while they're pitching themselves to me, and how to be so compassionate and kind when I say no that it's a good experience for both of us, and not to give my heart away for free to the Willoughby scoundrel who makes it flutter. How exciting! I think I'm about to meet some really quality people who get that love is what makes life worth living.

Ah god, enough enough enough about me. Here is my friend David Lago's supersexy celebrity slimdown diet. He regularly adds or drops ten pounds in a week for Y & R and other movies (though I still maintain that's because he's a hunter/forager and that women's childbearing bodies don't allow it):

Eat six small meals a day so you're never hungry, never full. Mostly eat low fat protein. If you normally have a tuna fish sandwich for lunch, eat half at one meal and half at the next. Drink lots of water before and after each meal. Don't eat less than four hours before bedtime. If you're starved and have to, enjoy something easily digestible like a few egg whites or a protein shake with no carbs. An hour of cardio and and hour of weightlifting a day.

That's it! Not that easy, not that hard...sort of in the middle discipline area of things I've done in the past. Though honestly, he was more convincing when I was stoned. But at least you're eating more than the average starlet's tic tac diet, so that's pretty good. Let me know if you try it and it works. I'm starting this week.

I've personally seen Dave drop what, twenty pounds in two weeks? That was last spring for "Obsidere." And now that he's playing a main character in my film that we're shooting this October, he's got a bur up his butt to get cut like a Spartan for it. For the record, I am no nasty producer/director. I told him he looks great the way he is now. It's all him ladies, so you can thank him for the discipline when he takes off his shirt on camera.

Have you guys taken my advice and bought "300" yet? I'm telling you, you can toss out your porn and just wear out this DVD. In constant rotation at my place. Thigh trembling will ensue.


Jaye:redux! said...

Heya gorgeous! Wow it was awesome to hear from you again. I have missed ya. SOrry to hear about the delay. Keep me posted on October I would love to be in something of yours. Also on my news front. I will be packing up my typewriter and scripts and heading your way next year. (more then likely summertime) Maybe we will get to work together more then once. hehehe talk to you again really soon!

Kid Sis said...

Cool and cool! Looking forward to it!

Lynda said...

I have been fluttering up and down. When I eat too many cookies, my weight goes up, and when I don't, my weight goes down. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments about losing weight. From my personal experience, I have lost weight when I am not trying to lose weight. It began because I saw this ad about California health. It was trying to get Californians to eat more healthy like eating 5 servings of vegetables and fruit daily. I gave up on the idea of losing weight. I was more concerned about staying healthy,

After my cochlear implant surgery and activation, I noticed something. If I ate until I was full, my brain went to sleep. It would be near impossible for me to focus on the sounds I was hearing. My audiologists and auditory verbal trainer were surprised when I mentioned this to them. I discussed this with a friend when we had lunch at a musical cafe. I told him that it is easier for my brain to focus on sounds if I exercise and eat lightly. He said that he does the same thing before his voice lessons. A relative, who is a professional musician, also eats lightly before singing in a show.