Sunday, August 12, 2007

When I'm 64

Watching "The Abyss" right now on Sci Fi. Ed Harris' ex-wife just chose to drown to save them both. Oh, there she beautiful. Now he has to swim back to the sub and try to revive her. Sigh.

Okay, yesterday was so fun...Hollyshorts was a great networking opportunity. Cindy kicked ass in her on-camera interview.

Then last night was my friend Melinda's b-day party at the Hollywood Bowl. Every year she gets a group of 40 friends together to buy out three rows. Last night was the best one ever...

One of my favorite artists...Joan Osbourne (go buy her "Righteous Love" CD now), Aimee Mann, Cheap Trick, Ministry

Oh, Ed's slapping his dead wife right now, yelling at her "You've never backed away from anything in your life, now FIGHT!!!!"...and she wakes up. Now he's just staring at her, stroking her hand.

Wow. Someday a man's going to love me that much. Or at least enough to call me to say thank you after I let him into my holiest of holies.

Phew, okay, back to the concert: you missed out. It was gorgeous. An awesome experience. The entire album as relevant and insightful about the human experience as it was forty years ago. To hear some of the songs live was crazy and moving. I still have lyrics floating through my head:

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise."

The discovery of the night was Ian Bell, guitarist of the British band "Gomez". We all thought he was nineteen, but from what I found online he must be 28ish. Soooo talented. So utterly adorable, playful, authentic. Sigh. He's from Liverpool too, and when he messed up a lyric and uttered a joyful laugh, it was like injecting a piece of John into my heart.

Ed Harris is dying now..."Love you WIFE."

Ah, god.

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