Thursday, August 09, 2007


Going to spend the weekend with my amazing friend Cindy Baer at Hollshorts at Cinespace. Join us for only $30 for three days! Her b-day is Sunday, when her short film "Morbid Curiousity" screens at 2:30.

Smart cookie Cindy continues to amaze and inspire,this time by being interviewed in today's Backstage West article.

"Actor-director-producer Cindy Baer, whose award-winning short Morbid Curiosity will screen at the festival Aug. 12, previously found success on the festival circuit with her feature directorial debut, 2004's Purgatory House. She said, "By creating your films, not only do you get to focus on projects you love but it provides a great opportunity to build relationships with other filmmakers who will cast you in future projects...Baer urged actors to take the director's seat. "You have to do it for yourself because nobody else -- not even your agent until you get to a certain point -- is going to do it for you," she said. "It's not fun to be at the mercy of other people, hoping they will hire you."

Amen! Cindy rules, and is one of the nicest and best-intentioned Leo's I know. Remind me to do everything she suggests career-wise. Sometimes I don't, and I always regret it.

And rent "Purgatory House" from Blockbuster or Netflix.


Lynda said...

Have a great time!

Scarlet Hip said...

Have a great time!

Hey, I'm at a new address with a new name. Same me though! Miss ya!