Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Remind Me...

after the reading that I have to catch you guys up. Haven't blogged about the Fishies I've received (click "show original post"), the great guy I'm dating (okay okay, I won't blog about him...just about how I'm doing dating again...), and we have to get back to this late debate.

For now I will tell you that I had coffee with a lovely friend I'm so proud of: Barbara Stepansky just won the Student Emmy for Best Director, a new category this year. There hasn't been a lot of press on her win for The Trojan Cow yet, so spread the word if you know her! (is Cosmic Twin out there reading?) Anyway, it was great catching up; we spent the whole time giggling.


Lynne said...

OHHH Fishies!!!
Can't wait!!!

and a new guy????!!!

Dish, girlie, dish!!!
(did he come with a fishie?)

Kid Sis said...

Lynne, love your new pic!

Um...yes he did. Big Bass from Mom. But he reads here, so I can't really...uh...er...

Okay so look, it doesn't mean anything more than we're enjoying each other's company. But days before I met him, I'd worked out with one of my industry mentors that I was going to give men the "I'm celibate for the next 18-24 months because I'm committing all my time to these important projects like helping people with cancer" speech.

But Mom had told me that all she really wanted for me was "a sweet man who strokes your hair and looks at you lovingly." And me being a bratty Gilmore daughter said something along the lines of "That's great Mom, I'll try to find a time machine and make that happen for you." Full of piss and vinegar, us Fies ladies.

So anyway, met this sweet man through a mutual friend who'd been dying to set us up, clicked instantly and went dancing (he's great), and somewhere out on that dancefloor he stroked my hair and looked at me lovingly, and because I listen to Mom and her Fishies, I'm now dating or whatever it is again, and he's a great person I enjoy talking to.

And hopefully I've said nothing too personal to offend anyone. Because I could have told you the condom story, and THAT...THAT would offend everyone.