Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Random Thought of the Day

I'm just packing and taping, packing and taping for the open house this weekend, and all that repetitive motion got me thinking about how superior sex is with condoms. Really, all around better. Cleaner, no worries, less hyena-cage smell, just much more pleasant.

With apologies to anyone allergic to latex, I wonder what we would have avoided as a race if the pill had never been invented. And the diseases spread through all the married people cheating on each other would be cut down substantially...Hmmmnnn. Of course, none of that would really matter a hill of beans unless everyone also used condoms in their donkey shows and barnyard lovin'. Leroy, take down another note to self for when I rule the world under Pax Gynecologia....

Okay, back to packing.

1 comment:

Lynda said...

They make non-latex condoms too, I understand.

Pax Gynecologia, eh?